Tree pollarding in Hockley is one of the most called-for services in Kings Tree Services. It is a type of pruning whereby the top branches of the tree are completely removed, leaving just the branches exposed. This method of pruning is commonly used for trees in parks and on the road side, where the trees growth needs to be limited.

For homeowners who are determined to keep their trees, but don’t want them to carry on outgrowing their space, we also recommend tree pollarding. Hockley wide it’s definitely one of the most cost effective tree reduction services because it makes it simpler to keep the trees under control in the long term.

Pollarding is Suitable for…

Pollarding is a pruning technique used for many reasons, including:

  • Preventing trees and shrubs outgrowing their allotted space
  • Pollarding can reduce the shade cast by a tree
  • May be necessary on street trees to prevent electric wires and streetlights being obstructed

These are a few of the plants it can be used on:

Ash Tree Pollarding
Common Lime Tree Pollarding
Elm Tree Pollarding
Apple Tree Pollarding
Pear Tree Pollarding
Gum (Eucalyptus)
London plane (Platanus)
Mulberry (Morus)
Oak (Quercus) Tree Pollarding
Some species of Acer
Tulip tree (Liriodendron)

When is the Best Time for Pollarding?

The best time for pollarding many trees and shrubs is in late winter or early spring.


Tree Pollarding in Hockley and the whole of Essex

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